The Home Life Warrior

Little.Miss.IBU is a home life warrior!

Often flying solo with a partner who works abroad, she is also tasked with parenting and doing life in a land foreign from her own family support and from secure known, familiar origins.

With two very energetic, sporty and divine boys under her wing, she is the glue that binds their family. The happiness, health and safety of her ‘three boys’ is of the utmost importance to Little.Miss.IBU.

Daily life can be tricky to manage at times, as Little.Miss.IBU faces many challenges attempting to keep an even keel on her family’s world.

Juggling an intermittent long-distance relationship, global time zone differences, living an expat life and regularly living solo abroad with two boys, the everchanging stresses, emotions and behaviors that family separation through work can bring, general parenting issues, cyclical reunification and the reconnection as a family unit, managing household affairs in multiple continents… this is a unique family environment with everchanging foundations!

Follow Little.Miss.IBU for an insightful, raw and realistic view into one family’s world; separated by work and frequently living in different parts of the world…yet they could never be closer as a family unit.

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