Nice To Meet You!
My name is Rachel… blessed Mumma to Hudson (10) and Baxter (8) and awesome FIFO Wife to Chris!

Meet Little.Miss.IBU

IBU is the Indonesian word for “mother”.

Ibu, or more informally Bu, is also a term I find very endearing which is commonly used by Bali locals who do not know you by name, a little like Miss or Madam.

Since moving overseas from Australia my boys also now often call me IBU, which I LOVE!

Mothers conjure up images of warm, loving, snuggly and smiley nurturing protectors and I dreamed of this for myself growing up.

Our family was not formed easily however, as it took us 10 years to be blessed as parents… and blessed we are!

With a passion for travel, new experiences, taking the adventure and embracing new cultures, together we all love making precious life long memories.

Chris and I are always mindful and grateful of our two miracles, together we all journey this life with a very strong family bond.

This blog aims to inspire and encourage all IBU’s globally…

Mothers, Wives, Expats, Solo Mummas, Mr.IBU’s and Travelistas!

We are all a bit Little.Miss.IBU – Home Life Worriors!

Lets always live a life engaging, be supportive of each other but most of all be true to and loving of ourselves!

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