The Covid-19 Expat

Possibly the Biggest Flight or Fight of Your Life… Being newly expat and living in a foreign country during a time where the whole world has turned to complete chaos and tragedy is an extremely unsettling and scary time. This current pandemic event can be unsettling and frightening for anyone, as each day you wake […]

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Transportation of a Bali Expat

Do you remember the Savage Garden song ‘The Animal Song’? I don’t know where it comes from but that song comes into my mind almost daily, as I now transport my family around on a motor scooter. And I do sing it, out loud! I want to live like animals Careless and free like animals […]

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The Move To Bali

Mining employment and FIFO/DIDO (fly in, fly out/drive in, drive out) life have been a constant for our family for more than 20 years, way before we were even married! Now we are a family of four and our two boys Hudson and Baxter have only ever known a Daddy that works away. Don’t worry… […]

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